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Here at Troy's Fence we believe whole-heartedly in the philosophy "You get what you pay for". We may not be the cheapest up front, but if you are looking for long-term reliability, durability, and serviceability then look no further. We have innovations that no one else does. These innovations ensure that your product not only last, but maintenance WILL NOT cost an arm and a leg.

Track-less Gates (Sliding gates)

Track-less gates provide many advantages both financial and practical.

We will first address the PRACTICAL:

  • This Model gate needs LESS space to retract, ideal for compact installations.

  • Owners can choose open air (Wrought Iron look) or Privacy (Cedar Picket) finish. Track-less  gates design will accommodate either.

  • Track-less gates have a ZERO tripping hazard factor concerning pedestrian traffic. For example, taking out your trash cans there is NO TRACK.

  • Gone are the days of hammer drilling holes into your pristine or otherwise existing driveway anchor Bolts NOT required. Additionally NO after market concrete embankment needed for rear gate travel.

  • Do you live in an area of open expanse, susceptible to high wind events? With track-less gate we have eliminated gates being blown / lifted and or falling off track ENTIRELY.  Why is this important? When a gate is off track, unknown to owner, gate activation will jam gate frame into gate opener chassis. There WILL BE DAMAGE typically triggering a service call fee.

  • Tracks can also prove unreliable  due to ground shift an extremely common problem in our area. Our track-less gates adjust both laterally elevational level and plumb.



Ok now lets look at the FINANCIAL :

  • Extended Warranty 3 Years against gate lean, off tracking, and effects of ground shift. This eliminates constant service calls, which add up very quickly to the cost of an entirely new gate.

  • Modular installation, for example:  guide roller wears out years later and needs changing NO grinding, NO welding, and NO RUINING finish powder coating and or underlying galvanize finish. Simply unbolt and change out , what used to take hours can now be done in minute.

  • Ground shifts and gate no longer tracks level? Simply loosen support bolts re-level gate foundation (~30 minute fix). This means NO Ripping post out of ground, jack hammering and resetting support post into concrete in order to level gate.


BOTTOM LINE although slightly more expensive initially track-less gates pay future dividends long term. A pay now or pay later scenario, less aggravation of tracking down your part time gate installer. This all results in net savings for the owner.


adjustable hinge posts (Swing Gates)

Have you seen a dropping gate/tilted post lately? If you live in Corpus Christi, I am sure your answer is "YES!" A common problem throughout the Coastal Bend Area in particular during periods of drought. This is NOT a MINOR problem. The average cost of fixing this issue ranges from $1,000 - $2,000. The process includes taking down the gate, removing fence panels, taking out the gate opener, hinge post extraction (usually done with a Bobcat/skid steer), jack hammering concrete footing off the hinge post, and finally re-installation. For years this expensive process has been the norm. However, at Troy's Fence this no longer the case. We use proprietary adjustable hinge posts. This is what you can expect:

  • A 6 ft. deep 12 in. diameter hole where the adjustable hinge post will be set

  • 5,500 p.s.i concrete (2x stronger then truck delivered concrete and rarely used by our competitors) 

  • Modular adjustable hinges

  • A heavy duty galvanized hinge post

  • A welded gate made of commercial grade aluminum

  • An adjustable hinge post base which allows the post to be re-leveled

All of this allows for any gate drooping / post tilting to be fixed in a matter of minutes without breaking the bank. We are  proud to announce that we are THE ONLY company that offers this product.

virtual Gate design / Physical mockup

Here at Troy's Fence you can rest assure that your product is not only going to look like you want, but also function as you'd want it. No longer are the days of seeing a product on screen and being completely caught off guard when it arrives to your property. We use 3-D design technology to build a gate how YOU want it. Before we start physical construction we will send you a drawing of the gate. This allows you to make any changes before construction begins. Once your gate has been constructed we perform a "mockup" in our shop. This entails setting up your gate and operator in our shop, as we would on your property, and ensure that everything is working as it should. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and for you to know that you aren't just paying for a product, but a service that you will get nowhere else.

Modular Dual Track Gate

     Prior to this design innovation, dual support and/or double track gates, required a post hole approx. 36 in. in diameter by six feet in depth to successfully encompass and support BOTH 4 in. posts seen here. What does that mean if a post is hit and bent? It would be practically impossible to extract the concrete footing during repair.  Our posts can be un-bolted from the base and replaced due to the design being FULLY MODULAR and ADJUSTABLE.

    Most competitors take the shortcut of digging two separate 9 in. diameter post holes side by side leaving a small sliver of loose and useless dirt between them. This leads to an EXTREME compromise of the 4 in. support in the long term.

    Dual track gate hardware, manufactured by others, changes so far as the offset and/or distance required between the two support posts. Our supports are slotted, fully adjustable (inward and outward), unaffected by such changes outside the control of any and all fence installing companies, with the exception of Troy's Fence. 

Please click on pictures for an enhanced slideshow

Please click on pictures for an enhanced slideshow

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